Coaching With Teré

I would love to coach you as you reach for your highest spiritual goals.

Hi ! My name is Teré,
the first half of Teresa
and rhymes with hooray!

Spiritual Coaching and Nonprofit Consulting

Start now to build:

  • Better Relationships

  • Greater Life Purpose

  • A Futuristic Vision

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What Life Can Be Like…

with Me as Your Spiritual Guide

Imagine waking up with a morning epiphany, knowing exactly what you are going to do today that will move you to highest and best outcomes for your life.

Imagine having all your financial needs met without giving it any thought.

Imagine a relationship that has perfectly mutual giving and receiving.

Imagine spending 95% of your time alone without ever feeling lonely.

Imagine spending 85% of your time in silence without ever getting board.

Imagine walking into a crowded room full of strangers and feeling the same confidence you have when you’re alone.

Imagine gardening alone yet hearing instructions and powerful analogies about your life as you work.

Imagine hearing audible words that startle you and change your life, when no one else is in the room.

Imagine seeing videos playing on the screen of your mind with an invisible mastermind teaching you spiritual truths that blow your mind.

Imagine being as wise as an elder, yet as innocent as a child.

Imagine writing letters to God and getting letters back.

Imagine having answers to deep questions that google can’t answer and Chat GTP has no clue about. That is the ultimate spiritual gift that we can have on this earth.

Imagine asking yourself how to solve poverty and inequality and actually receiving an answer, wrapped in a life purpose.

Imagine manifesting global ideas with the same level of effort as local.

Imagine pouring money out on those in need, fully knowing that more money is coming, though you don’t know from where.

Imagine smiling in the face of great loss, knowing that the present scenario is like a video playing on a green screen behind you. The scenery changes, but it doesn’t change you.

Imagine having hundreds of people in a foreign country know your name and embrace your vision.

Imagine sharing a living space with many people, who love and respect you like family even though you just met.

Imagine having valuable experts collaborate with you to manifest your wildest dreams.

I do these things every day as a lifestyle.

This is what life can be like, and even greater, if you work with me to develop your spiritual power.