Nonprofit Projects

Ready for an Adventure?

In 2020, Teré set up a nonprofit, with more than 250 young leaders in Rwanda. She has maintained lines of communication between Rwanda and ARC7 for three years.

Anyone who would like to be involved in a nonprofit project as a tax write off can use these established lines of connection with young leaders in Rwanda. Nonprofit projects will help you to develop greater life purpose. Non-profit projects bring you happiness and brings happiness to others at the same time.

Teré’s Rwanda Story – Click here to see videos.

Tere scheduled an adventure in Rwanda after first building her Rwanda teams online for two years. She spent seven months getting to know the project leaders personally. She can direct you to project leaders who can be trusted and to project proposals that have already been written.

The Scenery (monkeys!!) – Click here to see videos.

The breathtaking scenery in Rwanda is enough to make the visit worthwhile. Lake Kivu on the border of Rwanda and Congo has clear, clean, warm water. Rwanda is called “the land of a thousand hills” because the countryside is covered with rolling green hills. Monkeys and baboons are a common feature, much like squirrels and rabbits in the US, but if you want to see gorillas, you will have to pay a tour guide who will take you into their wildlife preserves. In the capital city of Kigali, you will find all the comforts of home such as high rise hotels and restaurants. However, if you travel off the beaten path, you can find hotels and guest houses for $20 a night or less.

The Culture in Rwanda – Click here to see videos.

The culture in Rwanda is a blend of the old tribal traditions and the influence from the US and Europe. Women carry fruit baskets on their heads while they are talking on their smart phones. Hardworking men carry huge loads of bananas on their bicycles while sporting a pair of Nikes or other name brands.

The Food in Rwanda – Click here to see videos.

The best part of Rwanda is their abundant exotic fruits and nuts that you can find at any market in the country. Avocados, mangoes, pineapples, passion fruit, bananas, and strawberry, macadamia and groundnuts.

ARC7 Project Leaders – Click here to see videos.

More than 250 university students in Rwanda are ready and willing to lead a poverty eradication project. They have completed the ARC7 certification and some have written project proposals. Others will help and assist projects as needed. We have formed teams of 50 leaders on seven university campuses. We have strived to keep a gender balance to encourage young women to get involved.

Get Involved

You are welcome to get involved personally, by traveling there to assist. Or you can mentor a project remotely as the angel investor or donor. The project can be a tax write-off either way because the economy there is in poverty, with little chance of financial gain for your involvement. The motivation for these projects is knowing that you will have an impact on the lives of wonderful people in a developing economy.

$1 is equivalent to $1000 in Rwanda when it comes to daily living expenses. Rent can be as low as $20 a month. School tuition for a semester is $30. It seems like this should be a very easy place to survive and thrive. However, it is not that simple. There is no industry and no jobs for college grads. They work long days for $3 to $5 a day. With this in mind, how will they buy the simple tools for economic success such as a phone or a laptop for $300 to $600? And how will they pay for internet access on top of that?

You can make a huge difference in the lives of our leaders in Rwanda. Just book a call and tell me what you want to do, or ask us for suggestions.