7 Dimensions of Human Happiness

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Empowerment in 7 Dimensions with Teré Foster as your spiritual coach.

Teré Foster has a vision for the future of humanity, seeing collaborative cooperation as the key that creates the new Earth we all hope for.  

Working with Teré as a life coach and spiritual guide will help you build better relationships, a greater life purpose, and a new and futuristic vision for life on Earth, offering opportunities to join projects that will change the world and your life at the same time.


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Teré shares her vision through music, speaking, books, and coaching:


Soothing melodies and harmonious vocals by Teré Foster are carefully crafted to calm your mind, uplift your spirit, and bring a sense of serenity to your daily life.  Experience the power of music as you embark on a journey to inner peace and contentment one day at a time.


Embark on a profound exploration of the multi-dimensional aspects of human happiness with a special 90-day coaching package.  Get the special attention and human connection  you really need for health and well-being.  No one should struggle alone.  


Book an entertaining presentation by Teré Foster from her book, ARC7 Arcology.  Learn about the futuristic vision that she received as a “download.” She shares the message through stories and original transformational music. 

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Don’t wait any longer. Contact Teré today to schedule your initial consultation and discover how you can achieve your deepest dreams of spiritual power. Your path to personal transformation begins today.


Spiritual Guidance

Discover the wisdom, guidance, and insights you need to navigate through your more challenging situations. Enjoy a comprehensive “roadmap” to transformation. Learn the spiritual skills and knowledge needed to excel in all 7 dimensions of your life. 

About Teré, ARC7 Guru

Teré Foster works with people of all ages and backgrounds to understand why human happiness is so hard to find. Her message is that it’s not your fault and no amount of personal development will increase the capacity of others to love and appreciate you. 

  • Teré is certified in nutrition coaching and group exercise instructor.
  • She is a licensed minister and is able to perform weddings and visit hospitals.
  • She is a Certified ARC7 Guru.
  • Her life purpose development courses are designed to teach people how to collaborate and cooperate in the context of ARC7.
  • Her stated goal is to build tribal connection in the modern world.

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